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June 13, 2017

On Wednesday, May 17, the University of Kentucky College of Law held its sixth annual Developing Ideas Conference. Untenured and recently tenured faculty from across the nation were able to gather and share their developing ideas for scholarship in an informal, supportive, and engaging environment – just before diving into summer research.

Richard C. Ausness, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Professor of Law at UK Law, spearheaded the 2017 conference.

“The conference is important for three reasons,” said Associate Dean Ausness. “First, it exposes young scholars from all over the country to each other’s work and enables them to obtain feedback from other participants about their works-in-progress. Second, it increases the College of Law profile nationally in a very positive way. Third, it enables faculty at the College of Law to interact with young faculty from other law schools.”

Participants for the one-day event included:

  • Lauren Bartlett (Ohio Northern University)
  • Marie Boyd (University of South Carolina)
  • Amy Cyphert (West Virginia University)
  • Dan Canon (University of Louisville)
  • Antonia Eliason (University of Mississippi)
  • Barbara Fedders (University of North Carolina)
  • Dallan Flake (Ohio Northern University)
  • Ariel Glogower (Ohio State University)
  • Caleb Griffin (Regent University)
  • Wes Henricksen (Barry University)
  • Jeremy Kidd (Mercer University)
  • Cortney Lollar (University of Kentucky)
  • Agnieszka McPeak (University of Toledo)
  • Janet Moore (University of Cincinnati)
  • Michael Pinsof (Roosevelt University)
  • Matt Rossman (Case Western Reserve University)
  • JoAnne Sweeny (University of Louisville)
  • Evan Zoldan (University of Toledo)

UK Law faculty members who served as moderators for the event included Albertina Antognini, Assistant Professor of Law; Associate Dean Ausness; Jennifer Bird-Pollan, James and Mary Lassiter Associate Professor of Law; Christopher G. Bradley, Assistant Professor of Law; and Cortney E. Lollar, Assistant Professor of Law. In addition, the following UK Law faculty contributed to the discussions at different sessions: Zachary A. Bray, H. Wendell Cherry Associate Professor of Law; Michael P. Healy, Senator Wendell H. Ford Professor of Law; and Nicole Huberfeld, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Ashland-Spears Distinguished Research Professor of Law.

“Based on my own observations, as well as comments that the moderators and I received from some of the participants, I believe that the conference was a great success,” said Associate Dean Ausness.

Mary J. Davis, University Research Professor and Stites & Harbison Professor of Law at UK Law, started the conference in 2011 with a regional focus for participation. Associate Dean Huberfeld then expanded the conference in 2013 to include faculty throughout the nation.