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July 19, 2016

Ready, set, step up! Faculty and staff at the University of Kentucky College of Law put fitness first this summer during the LiveWell college/division Step Up challenge – a friendly competition to reach the highest group step average at the University of Kentucky.

And UK Law didn’t tread lightly, earning third place out of 30 teams across campus. The team, made up of 16 participants with a motivation to move, averaged 11,261 steps per day during the 42 day span.

Team members included:

  • Patty Alvayay, Systems & Metadata Librarian

  • Alison P. Begor, Director, Fiscal Affairs & Human Resources

  • Jennifer Bird-Pollan, James and Mary Lassiter Associate Professor of Law

  • David A. Brennen, Dean and Professor of Law

  • James M. Donovan, Library Director and James and Mary Lassiter Associate Professor of Law

  • Jane Grisé, Director of Academic Success and a Legal Writing Instructor

  • Michael Johnson, Administrative Support, Dean’s Office

  • Tomeia Luke, Human Resources Coordinator

  • Daniel P. Murphy, Jr., Assistant Dean of Administration and Community Engagement

  • Ashley Ritchie, Director of Marketing & Communications

  • Franklin L. Runge, Faculty Services Librarian

  • Zach Smith, Computer Support Specialist, Law-IT

  • Beau Steenken, Instructional Services Librarian

  • Alyssa Thornton, Director of Alumni Affairs

  • Tracy Taylor, Assistant Director/Director of Publications Continuing Legal Education

  • Michel Yang, Library Manager

As a top three finisher, UK Law will be commemorated on the university's Step Up challenge plaque with first place finisher, The Graduate School, and second place finisher, UK Athletics. The plaque will be displayed at MoveWell, located at 1020 Export St.

“I thought the results were very impressive,” said Jane Grisé, Director of Academic Success and Legal Writing Instructor at UK College of Law. “The best part was talking about the challenge and learning more about other people at the College of Law.”

Participants unlocked their choice of UK gear based on their individual daily average steps as an added bonus to the health benefits of stepping up: increased energy, greater sense of well-being, strengthened heart and decreased disease risk, just to name just a few.

“The Step Up challenge allowed members of the UK Law community to rise towards their personal best in a whole new way,” said David A. Brennen, Dean and Professor of Law at UK College of Law. “We created a culture of health while motivating and cheering each other on. It was great to see everyone put their best foot forward.”

The six-week Step Up Challenge began Monday, May 23 and ended Sunday, July 3.