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November 2, 2018

Despite a rainy, windy start, the annual Judicata 5K brought the UK law community together for what turned out to be a gorgeous fall day in Lexington, Kentucky.  The third annual event took place October 28 at Wellington Park, with 35 people and eight dogs running to the finish line.

“Wellness Initiative really wants to promote the overall health and wellbeing of the students at UK Law, and a casual Sunday afternoon 5K with dogs is a perfect way to do it,” said Drew Baldwin, event organizer and co-president of UK Law Wellness Initiative.  “I think it's really important for law students and faculty to take a break from the busyness of law school life.”

While this was a relaxed, social event bringing awareness to and promoting a healthy law school community, participants competed for several awards.  Award winners at the Judicata 5K were:

Aaron Oppegard, 1st Place Overall
Paul Sime, 2nd Place Overall
Fletcher Lyon, 3rd Place Overall
Fletcher Lyon, Fastest Male 1L
N/A , Fastest Female 1L
Aaron Oppegard, Fastest Male 2L
Alex Henning, Fastest Female 2L
Kyle Bunnell, Fastest Male 3L
Stephanie Renzelman, Fastest Female 3L
Joshua Douglas, Fastest Male Faculty Member
Jane Grise, Fastest Female Faculty Member 
Zachary Losey and his dog Tonks, Fastest Runner with a Dog

“I thought the race went really well,” said Baldwin.  “It seemed like everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves.”

Wellness Initiative is led by co-presidents Drew Baldwin and Meagan Pickett.  Additional officers include Nicole Pottinger, Christina Romano and Meredith Cave.  Professor Jane Grise serves as faculty advisor.

The organization will host the Dean’s Challenge this Spring, which is another event promoting health and wellness at UK Law.