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University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law Dean Mary J. Davis established the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Advisory Board in Fall 2020 to open more channels of communication between students, the administration, and faculty on issues of racial and social justice and diversity, equity and inclusion in our community.   

The Board was created to serve the following purposes:

  1. Advise and explore with the Dean and Associate/Assistant Deans, in regular monthly meetings, issues facing the Rosenberg College of Law regarding all matters relating to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community among students, faculty, and staff;
  2. Advise and explore with faculty committees such as Appointments, Curriculum,  Diversity, and Executive, all matters involving creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community within the scope of those committees;
  3. Conduct independent activities, events, forums and other functions among the Rosenberg College of Law students, faculty, and staff to further the creation of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community and in collaboration with other student organizations; and
  4. Other specific actions that may from time to time be asked by the Dean.

The Board will typically consist of nine (9) students:  three (3) from each class of first-, second-, and third-year students.

2021-2022 members of the Board are:

Iman Ali (1L)

Harrison Chittenden (2L)

Nicole Cossel (2L)

Molly Crain (3L)

Sterling Crayton (3L)

Shantale Davis (2L)

Trevor Holsey (1L)

Isa Shafi (3L)

Desmond Varner (1L)

Also actively engaged with the Board and serving as advisors are Associate Dean Jennifer Bird-Pollan, Senior Assistant Dean Danny Murphy, Assistant Dean David Wright, Prof. Beau Steenken, and Admissions Director Jimmi Nicholson.

For more information, contact Senior Assistant Dean Danny Murphy at: or (859) 257-5155.