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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)



We will continue to provide tax return help with the following modifications, in order to comply with University of Kentucky directives prohibiting use of the law building. These procedures will help assure your identity and protect your privacy.

NEW PROCEDURES BEGINNING MARCH 30: We must delay processing of returns. There are fewer volunteers now that we are working remotely, and everyone’s time is more limited. Also, students will be ending the semester at the end of April. Everyone who has an appointment will be assisted, but we will not be serving you on the day of your appointment. You will be contacted by email when it is your turn – please make sure I have a valid email address for you. You may re-enter your appointment page and update your information.

  • You must have an email and cell phone, be able to scan your tax documents, and have a bank account for any refund.
  • We will be processing taxpayer appointments in the order of priority, but not necessarily on the day of the appointment. Everyone who currently has an appointment will be offered an opportunity to have his or her return prepared. This may not happen by April 15, but the filing deadline has been extended to July 15.
  • When it is your turn, I will contact you to send an intake form to you by email.
  • You will complete the intake form online and return it to me by email, along with a phone number where I can text you.
  • I may text a code to your phone which you must confirm by email. I will reserve the right to have a photo ID scanned and have video contact with you if I have any concerns about your identity.
  • I will assign the return to a volunteer who can complete it remotely. The volunteer preparer may ask for additional information or documents.
  • The return will be reviewed for accuracy and then sent to you by email. The return may be e-filed if it is eligible and you request it.
  • Refunds must be direct deposit where our software allows that option.

These rules are subject to change as the IRS may issue new guidelines at any time. Watch this page for updates.

If these procedures don’t work for you, consider free online filing options below. If you won’t be using our services, please cancel your appointment to free up the space for someone else. is sponsored by the United Way.  It uses an H&R Block program to prepare and file both federal and state taxes for free, if you quality.  You are eligible for this service only if you are a US citizen or permanent resident, because the software provided does not prepare nonresident returns. Gross income limitation for this service is $66,000. 

Help for international students and scholars at UK is available through Sprintax which you will have access to through the UK International Center. You should use Sprintax to do your federal return, if possible, before coming to the College of Law site.  Sprintax will prepare your state return(s) for a fee. We will be glad to review the federal return, make any corrections, and help you with the state return(s) you need.

The Kentucky Revenue Department offers online free-file services which will complete certain federal and state returns for free. You can find all the options here. Select Online Taxes or Tax Act for help with nonresident returns.

The IRS also offers free-file services here, although eligibility is limited and many providers will charge extra for state returns. Read carefully before you sign up. Select Online Taxes and Tax Act will help with nonresident returns.

Questions: For a list of frequently asked questions about VITA click here

If you have other questions about our clinic, email clinic director Douglas Michael at