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The University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law (UK Rosenberg Law) Early Decision Option is a binding agreement and is best fit for applicants who are confident in their decision on attending UK Rosenberg Law. Applying Early Decision gives applicants several advantages such as the opportunity to be among the first admitted students to be considered for scholarships, find affordable housing, and the potential of making the decision on where to enroll less stressful. In addition to having demonstrated exceptional academic and leadership qualities, candidates who are interested in applying for Early Decision to UK Rosenberg Law must:

  1. Submit a completed application to UK Rosenberg Law by November 15, 2023; and
  2. Submit and sign the Early Decision Agreement Form.

Additional information regarding UK Rosenberg Ready Early Decision Option:

  1. The early decision review process is selective and does not guarantee admission.  Applicants may be admitted, denied, or held for consideration through the regular rolling admissions process.
  2. Candidates admitted under UK Rosenberg Law Early Decision Option must not initiate any new applications after learning of their acceptance.
  3. Candidates admitted under UK Rosenberg Law Early Decision must agree that they will withdraw their applications from all other law schools.
  4. Candidates admitted under the UK Rosenberg Law Early Decision are not eligible for deferral unless exceptional circumstances are demonstrated at the discretion of the UK Rosenberg Law Admissions Committee. 
  5. Candidates admitted under UK Rosenberg Law Early Decision are eligible for all scholarships and are among the first to be evaluated. All scholarship offers will be awarded at time of decision.
  6. Applicants who meet the requirements for Early Decision consideration will be notified by the end of December 2023.
  7. The $400 non-refundable seat deposit deadline for applicants admitted under the Early Decision Option is January 15, 2024.

Things to consider before you apply:

  1. Candidates should only apply Early Decision if UK Rosenberg Law is their top choice law school.
  2. Candidates should not submit an Early Decision application to more than one law school.
  3. If a candidate is admitted but fails to adhere to any of the above-mentioned commitments, admission to UK Rosenberg Law may be rescinded at the discretion of the UK Rosenberg Law Admissions Committee.