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Law school and legal practice are replete with choices. The following materials provide some guidance for you to help decide which may be right for you. You should feel free to ask for more assistance from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or a faculty member teaching the course or subject area in which you are interested. 

College of Law Catalog lists all courses currently offered, the descriptions, requirements, prerequisites and the faculty normally teaching each course. 

The Course Planning Guide contains graduation requirements, rules governing the award of academic credit, and a list prerequisites for all courses. 

Advice for Specializing in Specific Practice Areas provides guidance on how the best course selection, especially if you are interested in a particular specialty within the law.

College of Law Externships lists all the options for live-client practice credit.

Dual Degree Programs  and requirements of the College’s joint programs with the Gatton College of Business and Economics (JD/MBA), the Martin School of Public Policy (JD/MPA), the College of Public Health (JD/MHA), and the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce (JD/MA).